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What happens to your teeth as you grow older?

As you grow old you notice your entire body changing, don’t you? Well, aging can have a considerable impact on your dental health as well. You might experience several oral issues and feel like muttering those complaints occasionally. This change is extremely natural and is a part of the cycle of life. Identifying the impact of aging on your teeth can help you to tackle the issues better.

Effect of Aging on Dental Health

The dental experiences you have in your old age are a result of the way you have used them in your younger years. If you have maintained a good oral routine, the dental issues you will face are minimal. The gradual wear and tear that has taken place for all these years will have an impact on your dental health. Let us take a look at the common dental issues that you might face due to old age.

Gum Recession

Receding gum line is the most common dental problem that elders suffer from. Lack of proper care of gums allows them to recede forming pockets. This can lead to signs of gingivitis and make you susceptible to painful bacterial infections. Excessive plaque and tartar accumulation in these pockets can loosen your teeth and increase the chances of tooth loss.

Dry Mouth

As we grow older, our mouth produces less saliva. This is the primary condition of dry mouth. You might also suffer from xerostomia due to the ingestion of certain medicines. A dehydrated mouth can lead to several complicated issues such as yeast infections, cavities, and mouth sores.

Loss of bone

You lose your bones in various areas of your body as you grow older. There is rapid bone loss in your upper and lower jaw area. This increases the mobility in your teeth and leads to tooth loss. Bone loss also turns all your older orthodontic appliances useless. They were customized according to your older tooth structure. With the loss of bones, this might change and you might have to get your appliances replaced.

Loss of Taste

You might lose the sensation of taste as you grow older. For this, most people tend to add more spices to their meals and prefer to consume them when they are piping hot. This inevitably leads to burns in your mouth. You might develop painful canker sores which might get extremely complicated with time. 


Several people complain of teeth shifting or rotation. This might result in improper alignments and make it difficult for you to bite your food properly. If left unchecked, it might result in severe jaw joint disorders or TMJ. In our old ages, we often tend to forget things. This includes our regular oral care routine. Yes, proper brushing and flossing is a big deal even when we turn old. Irregular brushing and flossing lead to plaque and tartar hardening, inducing all possible dental concerns. Suffering from underlying medical conditions also has a considerable impact on your dental health. For instance, people suffering from diabetes are more likely to suffer from gum diseases.

You must embrace these changes and take a little extra precaution. Take good care of yourself and build up a good oral care routine. Follow it diligently and do not miss your regular dentist appointments. You should also consult your dentist whenever you find something going wrong with your oral cavity.

We hope this blog has provided you with an informative insight into the impact of age on your dental health. If you are looking for the best dental care services in Airdrie, AB then feel free to visit us at West Airdrie Dental. Our dental experts will provide you with the best experience and address all your dental needs.