YES, Dentists count!

People dismissing the vital role and position of dentists is maddening. Why mock someone who’s helping other people with their medical issues Your oral health is no less important than the health of the rest of your body. Dentists count.

Some people, including some in the medical field, say that dentists are not doctors, despite their education. They point out that dentists don’t actually save lives or cure illnesses. But are they right? Should we actually belittle a profession that started 800 centuries ago?

I was relaxing on the plane during a recent transatlantic flight; deeply focused on my book when I heard, “is there a doctor on board”? As no one responded, my wife, Tania, sitting across from me, gave me the look and told me to go help out. So I walked to the back of plane where a passenger was lying in the aisle, apparently fainting after standing up too fast en route to the washroom. I told the flight attendant I was an oral surgeon and offered my assistance. After a quick assessment and a few suggestions, it became apparent that the passenger was OK and just needed a cold cloth and a few minutes to gather his bearings, just as it has happened in the office on more than one occasion. It was just at this point that I had “The Hangover” movie moment, a second crusty flight attendant made her way back to the commotion and tapped the other stewardess on the shoulder and said “is this guy a doctor”, which garnered an over the shoulder response of, “No, he’s just an oral surgeon”. Thus, I was dismissed.

As I walked back to my seat, I had to laugh to myself as I felt like Stu (played beautifully by Ed Helms) when he asked to see his pal’s chart, Phil (played by Bradley Cooper) so they could retrace their steps at the hospital from the chaos of the previous night

Stu: “Do you mind if I take a look, I’m actually a doctor.”

Doctor: “Yeah you said that several times last night but really, you’re just a dentist.”


One of the other quotes from the movie was when the boys were checking into their hotel in Las Vegas and the clerk is confirming Stu’s reservation.

Phil: “Doctor Price? Stu, you’re a dentist. Don’t try and get fancy.”

Stu: “It’s not fancy if it’s true.”

Phil: “He’s a dentist, don’t get too excited. And if someone has a heart attack you should still call 911.”


Poor Stu, the dentist, was sadly getting mocked throughout the movie.

When I hear someone say “He’s not a real doctor he’s only a dentist” or speak words to that effect, I think that most of the time these words are spoken in jest. The speaker is being facetious and goading the dentist to show his/her insecurity and adopt a defensive posture. However in this age of enlightenment, only an unintelligent individual can seriously believe that dentists are not real doctors.”

Quoted from Bruce R. Pynn, MSc, DDS, FRCD in his feature article “You’re Only a Dentist” posted June 1, 2010  in (

Let’s educate people. Dentists are doctors too. To become a DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) or DMD (Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry) takes four years after getting a bachelor’s degree. Becoming an oral surgeon take even longer – four to six years in a hospital-based surgical residency program after dental school. Let’s not take them for granted as they are the ones who are your defenders when it comes to your oral health. Remember that next time you have a cavity, need a root canal or have a tumor in your jaw.

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