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What Dolphins and Sedation Dentistry Have in Common…

Most people don’t know this, but you can tell a dolphin’s age by its teeth. Just like trees, dolphin’s teeth have rings inside them that tell how old they are. Their teeth are permanent, but they don’t use them for chewing. Why? They have no muscles in their jaws and as a result can’t chew. They have to swallow their food whole.


You, along with all other humans, do have muscles in your jaw and might find those jaws are clenched with anxiety when thinking about dental procedures!


Well, not to worry. There is a way you can have your teeth fixed but without any fear you may associate with it.


Getting your smile in shape while under sedation can be an easy choice for you as it has helped so many others.


And truth is, most people are admiring their new smile within weeks, not months or years (sometimes days)! Even better, during treatment you’ll be relaxed and worry-free.


Sedation dentistry is safe and effective, thanks to the methods of sedation and the training required to be able to practice Sedation Dentistry. For instance, during IV Sedation you are slowly receiving the medication, as opposed to having a set amount administered all at once.

West Airdrie's top sedation dentist can help you get over your fears!
West Airdrie’s top sedation dentist can help you get over your fears!

As you are receiving medication, you are continually monitored, and the doctor determines if more or less medication is needed to achieve the desired sedative effect throughout a given dental procedure.  The amount of drug required will vary from person to person.


Whether you just need a little of the ‘edge’ taken off while at the dentist or need a full ‘don’t want to remember a thing’ treatment, sedation dentistry can help. No one should be fearful of going to the dentist.


Oh, and the dolphin has absolutely nothing to do with sedation dentistry. But it sure is an interesting fact about how they have teeth, but don’t use them.


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