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Get Nightguards to Prevent your Teeth from Severe Damage

A huge number of people across the world suffer from the problem of teeth grinding or bruxism. It can be really painful if ignored for a long time and also cause serious damage to the teeth. Though, the advancements in the field of modern dentistry have led to the emergence of effective solutions. Teeth grinding or bruxism is no exception. The major challenge faced in the case of bruxism is the clenching of teeth happening when you are sleeping.

You should be very careful to notice the first symptoms of bruxism to avoid severe dental problems. The common signs are:

Bruxism happening once in a while should not be the reason for your worry. But, suffering from this issue regularly can be the reason for enamel loss, tooth decay, missing tooth. The reason for bruxism has not been found yet. Though, the probable causes are consumption of alcohol, smoking cigarettes, snoring, sleep apnea, crooked teeth, an abnormal bite, suffering from stress or anxiety.

Effective Solution to your Problem at West Airdrie Dental

Our reliable and trusted dentist Dr Simran Kaur speaks about how bruxism can be damaging for your oral health. She also discusses the effectiveness of the solution offered at West Airdrie Dental.

Here at West Airdrie Dental, we have always tried to resolve the problems of our patients the moment they step into our office. Our dentists recommend wearing a nightguard to avoid the problem of teeth grinding. The nightguards are also known as nocturnal bite plates, bite splints, dental guards or mouth guards, etc. They act as a barrier between the teeth while the clenching happens, preventing the damage caused to oral health. As mentioned by Dr Simran Kaur, the pressure exerted during bruxism is far more than that of chewing. Using a nightguard acts as a cushion to the jaw muscles and also lightens the tension. This in turn prevents the enamel decay, face and jaw pain that is common while suffering from bruxism.

We offer customized nightguards to the patients to meet the specific oral requirements. So if you are facing the symptoms of bruxism, do not hesitate to get in touch with West Airdrie Dental. Our professionals are here to take the pressure off your shoulder and also provide an effective solution to bruxism. Call us today!

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Remove from package.


Center tray on arch.


Suck down or swallow.


Remove outer tray.


Suck down or swallow again.


Wear 10% for 30–60 minutes and 15% for 15–20 minutes


Remove tray and brush your teeth, being careful not to swallow the remaining gel.

Opalescence Go Whitening


Opalescence Go whitening is a powerful, professional alternative to over-the-counter teeth whiteners. Each Opalescence Go tray is prefilled with a safe, effective gel that won’t leak out onto your gums. Opalescence whitening gels include potassium nitrate and fluoride (PF).


Opalescence Go whitening is a professional alternative to over-the-counter whitening products. Available in 10% and 15% hydrogen peroxide concentrations, Opalescence Go can provide incredible results after just a few days of treatment.

3. Simple

Opalescence Go whitening features innovative, prefilled trays that fit comfortably over your teeth. The trays are discreet and disposable, making it easy to take your whitening treatment to go. An affordable option with wear times ranging from just 15–60 minutes once a day, Opalescence Go whitening is easy to adapt to your budget and lifestyle.


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Rose Kombo

Great experience! Dr. Johal did an amazing job re-doing a 20 year old filling on my front tooth, right before my wedding! It is unnoticeable and my smile looked great in my wedding photos. The entire team is super friendly and professional! I will be going back for all my dental needs. Highly recommend!

Joel Bruiners

Had a fantastic experience here. With the amount of dentists available it's hard to choose the right one. Everyone here was amazing. Front desk staff, hygienists, dentists etc. Very clean and professional. Everything was explained in full and I left with alot more knowledge than I could have expected. Billing is on par with the provincial guidelines as well. Can't go wrong!

Jerry .Puffer

Love the folks here! As like most people, I'm not a huge fan of my teeth being worked on. But everyone here from the girls at the front counter to the hygienists and dentist himself do everything in their power to make it as painless and enjoyable as possible. Great job you guys!!

Philip Flores

All the staff are friendly and professional. Always on time. Rebecca, the hygienist, made me feel like I have been going there for years. Highly recommend this place. Oh and they do direct billing and explain everything for you. That’s a big plus too. Third visit and always left with a smile.

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