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Sedation Dentistry: 4 Amazing Benefits

For years, the fear of going to the dentist hasn’t subsided in people! It’s more of a stereotypical perception that people have- going to the dentist hurts really bad! But how far has medical science advanced in this century? Well, it’s enough to relieve your dental anxiety and grant you a painless experience at the dentist.

Sedation is not new in medical science and its widespread usage in medical treatment for decades meant that it wasn’t long before it got introduced in dentistry as well! Today, there’s a range of sedation that you can choose from, depending on your anxiety levels and medical history. One of the main benefits of sedation dentistry is the fact that there’s a suitable level of sedation available for every dental procedure.

For example, nitrous oxide (commonly known as laughing gas) helps you get mildly sedated, so you feel more relaxed throughout your treatment. Oral Sedation is easily administered and with the combination of anesthetic and this medication, it allows you to stay relaxed and have pain-free work completed, while IV Sedation offers a safe alternative to general anesthesia for dental procedures. Sedation ranges from slight (mildly sleepy) to deep (deep sleeping). Also, it has a high amnesia effect allowing patients to manage their anxiety surrounding the dental office much more effectively.

Apart from the obvious fact that sedation dentistry eases your experience at the dentist, what are the benefits of sedation dentistry? Do the benefits of sedation dentistry outweigh the side-effects? Let’s answer these questions with the 4 common benefits of sedation dentistry!

1. Dental Anxiety is Now a Thing of the Past!

You’re laid back on the chair and you see the dentist coming closer to your mouth with what appears to be a sharp object! But you don’t feel anything! Would you still be scared?

There’s also something called pre-visit anxiety. Sedation dentistry helps you relax more while making a dental appointment because you know that no matter what, there would be no pain or discomfort associated with your dental treatment!

2. Treatments Become Easier and Quicker

Imagine trying to take down a note on a piece of paper and the wind just keeps the paper flapping! Irritating, right? That’s somewhat like what a dentist has to go through when you keep resisting throughout a treatment with your gag reflexes!

With you relaxing on that chair, it becomes much easier for the dentist to treat you better. Subsequently, it takes lesser time for the dentist to complete your treatment, which brings us to the next benefit!

3. Fewer Appointments 

More progress in one appointment means that you’d require fewer appointments to get done with a dental treatment! It’s not that you’d dread going to the dentist again despite being assured with sedation dentistry. But you’ve got some other work too, don’t you?!

4. Prevents Trauma, Improves Oral Health 

This is one of the lesser thought about benefits but it’s as true as the rest. One bad trip to the dentist is enough to make you apprehensive about going to the dentist for the rest of your life.

However, with sedation dentistry, you’re guaranteed a trauma-free experience! This is what wouldn’t make you think twice before booking your next appointment? Yes, that does mean better oral health for you!

Those were the benefits of sedation dentistry but what are the side effects? There’s an extensive official document laying out the standard of practice for administration of sedation with respect to dental services in Alberta. Every dental practice has to be abiding by this standard to legally offer sedation dentistry to its patients.

Thus, the benefits of sedation dentistry indeed outweigh the risks of its side-effects. However, that’s as long as you get the most reliable dental practice near you. In Airdrie, you can get sedation dentistry from one of the best and most reliable dental practices in Alberta with just one click!