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Orthodontics Smile Reveal

Before & After case study

Case study involves Orthodontics, Crowns, and Teeth Whitening procedures

Smile Reveal #1

Before Half Way There With
Orthodontics & Teeth Whitening Treatment


Half Way

See how happy our patient looks just halfway through the treatment. She is getting orthodontics treatment at West Airdrie Dental. Going for the professional teeth whitening treatment has improved the appearance of her smile. She cannot get enough of the dazzling shine and is flaunting her smile like never before. The outcome of the treatment looks great and our patient is pretty satisfied with it.

Smile Reveal #2

Post-treatment Smile Reveal
We Smile When You Smile



Watch how great the smile of our patient looks after going through the treatment. Getting the dental crowns has made the appearance of her smile look great. The teeth whitening treatment and the orthodontics were just cherries on the cake. She is very happy with the result of undergoing dental treatment at West Airdrie Dental. This was her first visit to the clinic and the reaction says that she will return for any dental need in the future days.