More About Sedation Dentistry

Here’s something you may not know…

There are four methods for sedating a patient during an in-office dental procedure. They are:

  • Anxiolytic or minimal sedation
  • Conscious/moderate sedation
  • Deep sedation
  • General anesthesia.

Each one is tailored to the amount of dental work that needs to be done. Your dentist will determine which method is best for you and your health while still being able to alleviate some of the pain you might feel.

What About Side Effects?

Patients often have little or no memory of their treatment experience. In fact, many patients are amazed they don’t remember anything about their dental care. And the fact that they don’t even remember it happening is one of their FAVORITE side effects.

Before your procedure, however, your dentist and/or staff should discuss with you any particular concerns or side-effects that might be relevant to your unique circumstance.

How Do You Know You’ll Like Your Experience?

Have a pleasant dental experience
Have a pleasant dental experience

In addition to wanting a beautiful smile, most dentist realize you want a good experience as well. Make sure the dentist you select offers special services to make you feel comfortable and relaxed during your regular visit.  Some offices go above andbeyond to make their patients have a great experience when they get work done.

You’ll also want to be sure the dentist you select is experienced in sedation dentistry and has the credentials to perform it.

Having the answers to your questions about sedation dentistry will help you feel good about your choice when the time comes.

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