Avoid sugary snacks while pregnant

What You Can Do if You Crave Sweets When You’re Pregnant…without harming your teeth

Not every woman craves ice cream and pickles, turnips and cupcakes, or other weird and unusual food combinations when they’re pregnant.

However, many women do confess to noticing an increased desire for snacks higher in sugar. If you’ve been diagnosed with having gestational diabetes, this adds to the craving.

Stop! Before, you reach for a bag of chocolate chip cookies, or a box of Twinkies, try grabbing some fresh fruit instead. Fresh fruit has natural sugar in the juices that can satisfy your sweet tooth.

However, if you don’t care for fruit, or at the moment, it’s the reason for your upset stomach, then, substitute a low-sugar or sugar-free option to the food you’re craving.

Remember, pregnant women are at an increased risk for gum disease (especially if you have gestational diabetes). The added sweets, left unchecked, can cause an increase to gum issues and tooth decay.  So, to keep from harming your teeth…here’s what you need to do.

After you’ve indulged yourself, well, ok, you can blame it on the baby…After you’ve indulged the baby, it’s important you take a moment and rinse with an alcohol-free wash or brush your teeth after consuming the sweets.

By doing this, you’ll greatly reduce the risk of harming your teeth when those urges for the unusual combinations or treats high in sugar hit.

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