How Flossing Can Save Your Money… 

How Flossing Can Save Your Money…

It’s a known fact that about 35% of the tooth surface is missed being cleaned if you’re not flossing. As a direct result of that, you have a better chance of developing cavities.

Cavities, left untreated, can become even more dangerous to your mouth. They can eventually need more work done on them, such as a root canals, replacement crowns or worse, pulled!

Obviously, these extra trips to the dental office and the additional work that will need done takes money out of your pocket.

It just makes sense that if there is a way to prevent these higher costs from needing done, why would you not do it?

A report published in 2005, by the Children’s Dental Health Project (CDHP) showed that children who had their first dental checkup before the age of one, that by their fifth birthday, some of them had dental care costs 40% lower than their peers! It also showed that in areas where the emergency room is used instead of regular dentist visits; some dental care costs could be as much as ten times higher!

So how can you save money by flossing? Simple – teach your kids to brush and floss regularly and properly.  You can prevent substantial dental issues from arising in the future. In fact, a toothbrush and some dental floss are probably the cheapest tools you’ll find to preventing your kids from repeat emergency dental procedures in the future!

This is also great advice for the adults in your family too!

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