Gummy Candy and West Airdrie Dental Clinic

Yes, it’s probably common knowledge that ingesting sugar can result in cavities. Some foods are obviously worth than others in that respect. The higher sugar content is one obvious reason, but gooey, chewy candy is the worst culprit! Candy that sticks to the teeth can get stuck between the crevices of a tooth, and saliva can’t wash it away. Some sugary treats to avoid include:

  • Gummy candies (gummy bears, gummy worms, etc.),
  • Caramels,
  • Raisins and other dried fruits, and
  • Jelly beans.

Most of these candies can be found in sugar-free varieties. Choose these instead for healthier teeth. At a minimum, good tooth brushing and flossing after consuming these goodies can help, too. Here are a few foods like instead of gummies and other chewy candy:

Yogurt: Makes a great snack or even at breakfast! Kids who eat at least 4 servings of dairy a week are less likely to get cavities, according to the Journal of Oral Dentistry. Just make sure you look for the yogurt varieties that are low in sugar!

Nuts: Any food that requires a lot of chewing are typically good for your children’s teeth. Nuts typically have a lot of healthy nutrients in them and are also low in sugar. Avoid any of the candied varieties, of course.

Fresh Fruit: Did you know that chewing raw foods massages your gums and promotes cleaner, healthier teeth? Fruit is a naturally sweet option and it shouldn’t be difficult to get kids to eat them. Choose fresh fruit over canned whenever possible as the canned varieties tend to add sugar or syrup.

Raw Vegetables: An even better option than fresh fruit because you get the crunch of the raw food minus the sugar that most fruits have! There isn’t a veggie out there that we wouldn’t recommend for your kiddo!

Whole Grains: Who doesn’t love a good whole grain cereal at breakfast? High in nutrients, fiber, and vitamins that growing kids need, plus they’re usually lower in sugar to boot.

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