5 Fun Ways to Get Your Child to Brush Their Teeth

Ah, bedtime with young children. The time when some children would rather eat Brussels sprouts than brush their teeth. It can be frustrating for you, as a parent to get your kids to brush. In fact, some parents just bypass it altogether.

While it’s easy to dismiss baby teeth because they’ll fall out anyway, it’s important to remember baby teeth are placeholders for permanent teeth and are necessary. Should an infant develop cavities, they are both painful and potentially expensive to fix. And, you want to teach your child dental habits they’ll carry for a lifetime. Skipping the night-time brushing is not the example to set.

So, if you have to brush your teeth anyway, why not create a fun game out of it? Your child learns fun, lifelong habits for good dental hygiene and you don’t have to struggle to get them to brush twice a day. It’s win-win!

Here are 5 fun ways to get your child to brush their teeth:

When in Doubt, Ask Google:

There’s no doubt we live in a digital age. Consult the almighty internet for existing games that focus on good oral hygiene. With the popularity of kid-friendly television networks already devoting shows and storylines to brushing and flossing, it shouldn’t be hard to find an app or online game made by one of your child’s favorite shows that you can use at home!

Tap into Your Inner Mozart:

There’s a reason that most young children love watching TV. A lot of the songs are catchy (you may even find yourself humming one or two throughout the day). Are there any words or lyrics that you can modify to create the perfect tooth brushing tune? Keep in mind, you aren’t going for one of the Top 40 on the music charts. Just something you and your kiddos can use to make tooth brushing fun.

Superhero tooth
Superhero tooth

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night:

Kids love stories (most adults do, too). With all of the super-heroes being so popular now, why not create your own super villain or Cavity-Fighting Caped Crusader! Involve your child in the storytelling process. Who knows what a swashbuckling toothbrush wielding pirate can accomplish!

Grab Your Egg timer:

Everyone should brush for two full minutes (one minute up top, the other minute on the bottom teeth), regardless of whether you’re young or young at heart, . Set your kitchen egg timer (or stopwatch) for one minute (for each side) and make up a funny dance, keep a race-car style commentary on how the toothbrush is rounding the top of the gums, whatever you can do to entertain your child for that 60 seconds. There are even digital toothbrushes on the market that play music for the duration that your child needs to brush.

A Little Sibling Rivalry:

Don’t forget the power of the brother or sister! Turn your bathroom into a Battle Royal for Brushing. Are there “cavity creeps” lurking in the corners of your child’s mouth they need to find and destroy before their sibling finds theirs? A sticker or just a pat on the back goes a long way towards encouragement to get your child to brush their teeth.

Do you have your own special method for getting your kids to brush? Comment below and share it with us!

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