Enter the Age of Dental Implants!

Ever known anyone who had a bad bicycle accident as a kid? Maybe got knocked in the mouth sliding into home plate or making the game-winning touchdown?

Whether an accident as a kid, an accident as an adult, improper hygiene, or because of any number of factors…people lose teeth. Sometimes the tooth was saved. Other times, the best method to fix the empty spot may have been a bridge or dentures.

Most people aren’t aware a single missing tooth can cause damage you can’t see or feel until it is too late. Yep.  Just one. That’s right, ONE.

A single missing tooth ultimately leads to shifting in each of your remaining teeth and can cause you to lose additional ones needlessly. Most people with a missing side or back tooth say to themselves, “I can’t see it. It doesn’t hurt. I’ll leave it like that.”

The result? Your smile changes for the worse. This can cause headaches, jaw joint pain, broken teeth and teeth that wear too fast.

But THOSE DAYS ARE OVER! Enter the Age of Dental Implants!

Dental Implants allow denture wearers and those suffering from other severe dental problems to have new solid teeth implanted.  This step allows you to chew, laugh, and smile again like you did with your own teeth.

dental implant with crown

Imagine a return to the freedom to smile, laugh at will, and enjoy a quality of life that you felt was gone forever. Dental implants get you back to living life to the fullest in as little time as possible.

Finally, your jaw will not be shifting which can cause those other issues discussed above.

This means that your implants will look exactly like natural teeth. With good oral hygiene (brushing and flossing when you’re supposed to), the implant(s) can literally last a lifetime!

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