Dental Health During Pregnancy: Part 3 – How to Care for Your Teeth Through Morning Sickness

Dental health during pregnancy can be affected by morning sickness. Pregnancy (especially your first) can be hard enough as it is. The morning sickness…vomiting, retching, upchucking, puking, throwing up…whatever you call it, it can be horrible.

Extreme morning sickness can lead to damaged tooth enamel and an increased risk of tooth decay. This is thanks to the stomach acids that remain on your teeth after being sick.

The good news is there are some things you can do at home to prevent additional dental issues during your pregnancy as a result of morning sickness!

Follow these tips to help

  • For starters, if you vomit, don’t brush your teeth immediately afterwards.
  • The stomach acid could actually scratch your tooth enamel, doing more harm than good.

    Rinse first to remove stomach acid from teeth
    Rinse first to remove stomach acid from teeth
  • Instead, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water. If possible, rinse with a fluorinated mouthwash.
  • Then, after an hour, go ahead and brush your teeth, using a fluorinated toothpaste if possible.
  • If the act of brushing causes you to gag, consider using a toddler toothbrush. They typically have smaller heads than adult toothbrushes.
  • Finally, slow down and take your time brushing. If necessary, find some distractions (music, television, etc.).
  • Consider another brand of toothpaste if the taste causes you to retch or just use water and mouthwash until you can go back to regular toothpaste.

If you’re still having issues, please discuss this with your dentist. There may be more option to help you specific to your need.

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