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How To Deal With Teeth Sensitivity?

Teeth sensitivity can be the reason for irritation and also make you go through both pain and discomfort. Ignoring this issue for a long contributes to the chances of facing severe dental problems. Sensitivity in teeth can happen because of various reasons such as worn-out enamel, exposed tooth roots, etc. Fortunately, certain domestic measures can

How to Relieve the Pain from a Toothache

How do you relieve the pain from a toothache is an age old question. Many people know the excruciating pain a toothache can cause. Toothaches have been going on for centuries. And back then, the speediest remedy was simply to go to the barber (yes, the barber) and have it pulled. Some people have gone

Can an Abscessed Tooth Kill You?

Whether you’re just plain stubborn or you have specific reasons for putting up with a toothache;  an abscessed tooth can indeed kill you. What is an abscessed tooth? An abscessed tooth is a tooth with an infection that has spread to the root or root tip of the tooth. For a variety of reasons, bacteria