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How Flossing Can Save Your Money… 

How Flossing Can Save Your Money… It’s a known fact that about 35% of the tooth surface is missed being cleaned if you’re not flossing. As a direct result of that, you have a better chance of developing cavities. Cavities, left untreated, can become even more dangerous to your mouth. They can eventually need more

What’s the Big Deal About Flossing? 

If you’re like most dental patients, you might think brushing by itself does a good job when trying to ward off cavities. Certainly, brushing twice a day is extremely important when it comes to good oral hygiene. But, the problem is, you’re not reaching the cavity causing bacteria if all you do is brush. The

“Love Your Teeth Day” Yes. It is a thing…

Many people know that China has a booming population. Over 1.35 BILLION people! That’s a LOT of mouths to take care of. However, a lot of Chinese people put off dental care due to fear, expense, or they just don’t see the need until their teeth become an emergency. Sound familiar?   At any rate,

How Do I Teach My Kids to Brush Their Teeth?

According to the Clinical Affairs Committee, almost half of all children have cavities before they enter kindergarten. In fact, the #1 disease afflicting kids today IS tooth decay. The best way to keep your child from being one of those statistics? Teaching good, consistent oral hygiene habits. How do I teach my kids to brush their

Dental Health During Pregnancy: Part 3 – How to Care for Your Teeth Through Morning Sickness

Dental health during pregnancy can be affected by morning sickness. Pregnancy (especially your first) can be hard enough as it is. The morning sickness…vomiting, retching, upchucking, puking, throwing up…whatever you call it, it can be horrible. Extreme morning sickness can lead to damaged tooth enamel and an increased risk of tooth decay. This is thanks