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Dental Health

benefits of dental fluoride

Fluoride: Safety & Advantages

Fluoride is an important mineral that has several strengthening properties. Some people believe fluoride is beneficial to their dental health. Others have raised ethical problems about it. Our dentists at West Airdrie Dental will explain the advantages of fluoride in this blog. What Is Fluoride? To begin with, we must have a thorough understanding of

benefits of saliva

Importance Of Saliva In Having A Healthy Mouth

A major portion of the population fails to realize that the flow of saliva into the human mouth is essential to maintain oral health. Are you curious as to why? The best Airdrie dentists have come up with a blog that will talk about the role of saliva in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. So,

how to take care of teeth during pregnancy

5 Tips To Keep Your Mouth Healthy During Pregnancy

Giving birth to a child is a wonderful experience. But being pregnant comes along with a lot of responsibilities. Taking proper care of your oral health is one such responsibility that should never be overlooked. It is recommended for a pregnant woman to visit the dentist regularly for routine checkups.  However, when scheduling an appointment,

tooth sensitivity

How To Deal With Teeth Sensitivity?

Teeth sensitivity can be the reason for irritation and also make you go through both pain and discomfort. Ignoring this issue for a long contributes to the chances of facing severe dental problems. Sensitivity in teeth can happen because of various reasons such as worn-out enamel, exposed tooth roots, etc. Fortunately, certain domestic measures can

dental implants airdrie


Feeling self-conscious to smile because of missing or damaged teeth? Then, you can surely go for Dental implants which is the best solution for tooth-replacement options. They look, feel, and function just like your original teeth and have the ability to transform your smile into a gorgeous one. To achieve a natural smile and enjoy

old people brushing

What happens to your teeth as you grow older?

As you grow old you notice your entire body changing, don’t you? Well, aging can have a considerable impact on your dental health as well. You might experience several oral issues and feel like muttering those complaints occasionally. This change is extremely natural and is a part of the cycle of life. Identifying the impact

Sinister Effects of Smoking on Your Tonsils

Tobacco use is life-threatening. This is definitely not news. You’ve probably encountered countless cases of irreversible lung damage, cardiovascular diseases and various types of cancers in organs such as bladder, cervix, colon and rectum, larynx, liver, esophagus, kidney and ureter, pancreas, larynx, stomach, trachea, and bronchus. In fact, the harmful effects of smoking are so

4 Simple Practices For Healthy Tonsils

Tonsils don’t get enough credit that they deserve. Even as one of the body’s first barrier against bacterial and viral infections, they seldom get the spotlight. These low-profile clusters of tissues reside on both sides of your throat, at the back of your tongue, and behind your nose. They work 24/7 while staying behind the